Stink Free Candle

Stink Free Candle

Stink Free Candle
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If you have one pet or several this is the only room deodorizer you’ll ever need. I have 5 fursiblings in my house and we have our own room and some days it can get pretty yucky in there, especially when it rains or is really warm. It's also great when you're getting groomed, wow, that great scent make it so much nicer at bath time. Mom lights this candle and in 10 minutes, I really mean it 10 minutes, the room smells so nice, all the musty smell is gone. The STINK FREE CANDLE Pet Room Deodorizer is a true deodorizing candle specifically formulated for pet owners. It combines all the room-enhancing fragrance and ambiance of traditional candles with STINK FREE's integrated system of odor neutralizers and counteractants that attract, trap and destroy odor. No cover ups, it completely eliminates the odor. The STINK FREE CANDLE will keeps your pet rooms, and any other rooms you want, smelling clean and fresh all day long. It’s made with lead-free wick too.

STINK FREE CANDLE's odor neutralizers and counteractants also eliminate household odors such as cooking, smoking, bathroom, etc. so you can use them all over and your house will smell soooooo good.

The 10oz burn up to 65 hours and the 24 oz burn up to 165 hours.

AND a special BONUS when the candle is gone your mom can have a COLLECTIBLE GLASS. She can collect a whole set of these fine Libbey® 14 oz. Double Old Fashioned Finedge® glasses! She just has to remove the remaining wax by warming the glass in 155° oven. After wax melts, wipe out with clean paper towel. Be sure to handle the warm glass carefully and wash before using. The 24oz jar is also reusable. It has an EZ peal label and a lid.

ONLY 2 small Butterscotch and 1 of all the other scents-GET YOURS NOW BEFORE THEY'RE ALL GONE
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